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Greetings from the Mayor of Seo-gu

the head of Seo-gu District Office

This is Ryu Hankuk and I’m the Mayor of Seo-gu Office.
Welcome to open Seo-gu office.

With the goal of opening the Seodaegu Railroad Station by 2020, Seo-gu is starting the new projects in various fields such as residential environment, education and culture, and economy and welfare.

I believe communication with Seo-gu residents is significant in making Seo-gu better.

I will care for your opinions in this open space and I will listen to every little opinion.

With warm heart for the Seo-gu residents, I promise to listen a lot, hear out the opinions, and practice with sincere attitude.

I’m looking forward for your valued feedbacks on the development of Seo-gu.

Ryu Hankuk, Mayor of Seo-gu Office, Daegu.